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Park of the Ballons of the Vosges
Daffodils in Gerardmer
Gerardmer lake
mushroom walk in the Vosges
Local cow in the Vosges
Gerardmer valley
Kruth lake and valley
La Mauseleine ski resort
Route des Crêtes

Enjoy the Vosges

A preserved nature

Gérardmer is located within the Regional Nature Park of Ballons des Vosges. Our holiday house is actively part of the project. 

The house is equipped with photovoltaic panels which make clean power. Waste is collected and recycled locally.

Furthermore, since we want to keep nature preserved, we do not cut the grass in the garden most of the time. You have the chance to enjoy the wild daffodils all around in April (an international festival is organised each second year). Then, flowers cover the garden during the whole summer, butterflies and insects are at home!

In Gérardmer, the nature always offers something to celebrate: daffodils in the spring, water sports in the lake during summer (swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, paddling, diving...). Fishing, biking, paragliding lovers will be happy too!

Hiking in the mountains anytime of course! 

In the fall, collecting wild mushrooms is also a great experience. It is also the best time from the Route des Crêtes (top of the Vosges mountains) to admire the Alps chain!

Finally, in the winter, you can enjoy the "Mauseleine" ski resort for ski and snowboard. Snowshoe hikes and luging are other options for the whole family!

Alsace is very close too, enjoy its villages, countryside, vineyards and culture...

Whether it is a rainy day, the indoor swimming pool, skating and bowling centre is a great place too. 

We recommend to buy the "family pass" for illimited access to many local infrastructures. On sale at the tourist office. 

Events of all kinds are taking place throughout the year, do not forget to check the full agenda: 

Gérardmer tourist office (EN)     //    Tourisme Vosges

Cultural events

You can also enjoy cinema and performances at Espace LAC, Casino, Maison de la Culture.

Fantastic'Arts film festival is taking place every year late January. 

The Théâtre du Peuple in Bussang is the unique experience of a theatre with its stage open to the forest. 

Food and history lovers will finally find everything they are looking for in the Vosges! 


Leaflets and information are available at our place. Some welcome presents are waiting for you too!!

Of course, we will be happy to answer your questions in person when we meet. 


Gérardmer Tourism office (EN)     //    Tourisme Vosges

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